Please be clear as to which section you are submitting and include all of the required information. If you are missing certain criteria, you will not be considered.

We read through all of the submissions. However, due to the volume of work, we cannot guarantee that your entry will be featured online or in the magazine. By submitting work you acknowledge that we may use your images on social media, blogs, print, etc.

** Please send all submissions to submit at vndlmag dot com. **

Photo Editorial 
– Subject line: Photo Editorial
– Send 8-10 low res images*
– Include all proper credits with the images (It is encouraged that the models used are agency-represented, but it is not a requirement.)
* If selected for publication, we will reach out to you for hi res images to put into the magazine.

Interview (Music/Photography/Art/Other)
– Subject line: Interview
– Link to your work

– Subject line: Scout
– Photo of model, vertical format
– list of handwritten questions scanned in
– See Scout Example

Industry Insights
– Subject line: Industry Insights
– Answer the list of questions that pertain to your industry Download Questionaire
– See Industry Insights Example


Instant Gratification
– Subject line: Instant Gratification
– We love instant film. Send us a collection of 5 -10 images shot on instant film.

Disposable Project
– Subject line: Disposable Project
– For consideration, send us an email with, “Disposable,” in the subject line and a link to your work.

Studio Visit
– Subject line: Studio Visit
– Send 4-5 photos of you in your studio and a portrait of yourself.
– Include links to your website and Instagram.

For all other inquiries, please use the form below.