A beautiful hypnotizing track for anytime of day.

“Alternative pop, fuzz pop, Casio-pop. Whatever you choose to call it,  CALLmeKAT delivers keyboard-based songs with a unique combination of a deeply rooted musicianship and a voice that has connected with people all over the world.

Following up her critically acclaimed EP “Hidden Waters” CALLmeKAT has teamed up with ANNIE HART from AU REVOIR SIMONE  for a super synth-drenched remix of the song Cold Summer.

CMK has toured all over the world as a headliner as well as opening for notable artists, and the two keyboard-loving musicians met, when CALLmeKAT toured with Au Revoir Simone as their supporting act in Europe and the US.

Hart sprinkles the song with the infamous Au Revoir Simone tone and aesthetic while enchanting the listener with a haunting and affectionate take on the notorious great dane sound CallmeKat is so well known for.

The CMK Cold Summer remix by Annie Hart will be released October 27th 2015 “


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