Today, Michael Rault, one of the new additions to the Burger Records family, premiered a video for his song “Nothing Means Nothing” with NPR Music. The video was created by illustrator Sean Solomon, whose work you may recognize from the FXX animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co. The video is a colorful psychedelic vignette, featuring Rault himself singing about the difficulty of coping with everyday life while happy little fish and people float on by. It’s a perfect representation of the dark themes below the surface of the song’s happy-go-lucky melodies. Solomon had this to say about the creation of the video:

I normally work with a lot of different people when I create animated work, but this music video was done completely on my own. The “Nothing Means Nothing” video is a Sesame Street/Mary Blair inspired drug trip. The drugs start to kick in, as the song does. There were no storyboards and the whole thing was done straight ahead, in a stream of consciousness sort of way.  The first drawing I did is the first thing you see, and the last drawing I did is the last thing you see. I tried to animate to the music and cut to the music as much as possible because the song is so good. The music was super inspiring and Michael Rault/Burger Records only had awesome and positive feedback and ideas during the whole process. Definitely the most fun project I’ve done in a long time.

The song is featured on a recent cassingle released on Burger Records, b/w “Still Not Sad.” You can stream it below. The full-length debut, Living Daylight, will be out 5/5 on Burger Records.

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