If you have a case of the mondays this track is sure to get you up out of bed or wherever you are and get you dancing along and put you in a great mood.



Austrian singer and mutli-instrumentalist Lylit debuted her first single “Unknown” on Kick Kick Snare. By showcasing Lylit’s gospel and jazz roots, the track showcases her talent as both a songwriter and artist. Filled with soul and genuine, hopeful lyrics, Lylit ties together an upbeat chorus with her soul and pop influences to create momentous hooks on this soon-to-be hit single. “Unknown” will also be featured in VH1’s Primetime Programming Menus for March. Listen to “Unknown” here.

Austrian-born Lylit wrote, produced, and performed every song on her upcoming record. Signed by Massenburg Media, Lylit holds within her spirit and song the elements of gospel, jazz, classical and, of course, soul. Musically inclined and intrigued, Lylit set out to absorb as much of it as possible. And what resulted was astounding: raspy powerhouse vocals whose cords find melody, effortlessly.

Lylit’s passion and talent for music as a child led her to the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria where she studied classical piano and jazz vocal. Refining aspects of her craft, Lylit perfected her techniques and has been able to better communicate with the instrumentalists she works with, such as Andreas Lettner—musical partner, producer and drummer. Having worked and toured together since their teenage years, both Lylit and Lettner toured with several artists before returning to Austria and recording a 5-­track demo. The demo’s sole purpose was to get recognized by a major label, and Kedar Massenburg—responsible for the careers of legendary artists Erykah Badu/D’Angelo/India Arie – answered and quickly signed Lylit. Lylit will release her debut EP Unknown on April 24th.

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