90’s noise/post-rock disciples Feral Conservatives share a first look at The Feeling Noise Becomes with the release of “Class Reunion” via Twitter this afternoon. Feral Conservatives tendencies lean less toward the brutality of Shellac or Husker Du, but infuse the fuzz of Sonic Youth, with Rashie Rosenfarb’s captivating vocal texture braced by her Big Muff infused mandolin. Rosenfarb’s charm is the undeniable appeal throughout The Feeling Noise Becomes.

The Feeling Noise Becomes will be released on cassette and digital formats on February 10 via EggHunt Records

Check out the new tune!


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The same way borrowing an outrageous amount of ka-ching to start a business can make a person richer, loaning yer auditory system to Feral Conservatives will, in a little over four minutes, lead you to discovering all kinds of grooviness akin to strange music. Life will always find a way to interrupt your thoughts – your sleep, work, solo sex, whatever else… But this Virginian duo, I promise you, will be the sweetest intervention.

The instruments and the appropriateness unique to Feral Conservatives are sprinkled with sustained lines, rousing naivety, slushie desperation and their intense combination of tender, smoky composition and woody girliness make for a delicious, angsty bravado. Oh and let’s not forget Rashie’s saccharine, almost diabetic “heys!” and that sweet, sweet mandolin. Yum.

The duo’s musical tendencies lean less toward the brutality of Steve Albini’s Shellac or Husker Du, but rather infuse the fuzz of Sonic Youth with sweet vocal melodies and prickly mandolin licks provided by frontwoman Rashie Rosenfarb, which allow this pairing to explore a more accessible side of the genre

Rashie Rosenfarb: throat, mandolin, bass guitar
Matt Francis: drums, electric guitar, noise

Formed in early 2011, Ferals self-released a series of little-heard EPs before buying a $15 distortion pedal and touring up and down the East Coast and New England in a station wagon. 2014 saw the duo record a series of singles with Mark Padgett (Mae). Continuing to explore the dichotomy between minimalist folk singer-songwriter craft and 90’s-inspired noise rock, they joined EggHunt Records’ roster for their label debut coming in early 2015: The Feeling Noise Becomes, on digital on and limited edition tape.

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