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Nashville’s Twice Young is a fusion of new wave and electro-pop rock. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist: Tyler Laspopoulos and musicians Zac Myers on drums plus bassist Seth Lourdon. The trio began writing together in the fall of 2012. Make sure you check out their latest song, “Separate You,” which dropped on October 22. Plus the song, “Uncover,” which was a dramatic introduction to the trio! Twice Young’s full EP, “Prefer You” will be released November 1, 2014.

Who came up with the band name, Twice Young? What does it mean to each of you?

I’d say “Twice Young” has a singular meaning for the three of us. It was actually part of a line that Tyler wrote in one of the first songs we worked on together. We’re all very inspired by the idea of youth and losing time. It seemed very fitting.

When did Twice Young begin playing together?

We knew each other through touring in different bands over the years. Then fall of 2012, we decided to start writing together and from that our first EP ‘Little Mind Alike’ was born.

How would each one of you characterize your role in, Twice Young?

We all write parts with different instruments over the course of making a record; there’s no definitive instrument or role per person.

Could you describe your song writing process? Do you all participate?

It takes a long time. Small pieces of melody are written over months usually. Those pieces then come together to form the verse, chorus, etc. Everything typically begins with the melody and then from there it’s via inspiration. We each pass ideas for beats or other instrumentation back and forth until we land on what feels best.

I love the song “Uncover.” Why did you write it & what does it mean to you?

So glad you’re enjoying it! That was actually the first song written for this record. ‘Uncover’ is a very angry song. I find myself more inspired when life backs me into a corner. It came out of a time when I was dealing with those demons that keep you up at night. Grabbing ahold of all the things that were distracting me that I had been fighting back.

Who are your favorite musicians? Groups?

Currently, I’m obsessed with Daughter’s ‘If You Leave’. It’s the perfect fall time record. Additionally, ‘Bright Fire’, by The Honey Trees, Kimbra’s ‘The Golden Echo’, and I will always listen to Copeland. My favorite record being: ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Music is completely part of all those things and completely separate at the same time. Those aspects of life are continually inspiring more writing. Music doesn’t change how we live, but rather what we’re experiencing changes the music. I don’t think you should approach making music with the same mindset as other careers. It’s fueled by inspiration and shouldn’t have time constraints. It should be an escape, and should be enjoyable.

Who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

The Eagles. Best.

What’s the side of, Twice Young, which the public never sees?

 TBD 2015!

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