PORTRAIT: MEMENTO MORI is a modern visual interpretation of a classic theme: “Remember Death”.

Over 6,700 photos were taken and 2,943 photos are in the video’s timelapses.

* Fullscreen is the best screen.
* NO special effects. All timelapse transformations captured in camera.

For centuries, memento mori art and literature have reminded its audience that they will die. Some credit the origin to ancient Rome: as a general was enjoying a victory parade for a won battle, his servant would follow closely behind and whisper a warning: “Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man. Remember that you will die.”

As I’ve gotten older, I noticed myself getting more self-conscious about death and feeling less permanent. Ironically, the realization has been all right and not entirely bleak because I’m still here. This project serves as a visual interpretation of such thought and is my own “servant” that reminds me to live well because I’m not sure when I will be gone.

The macro timelapses captured various flowers absorbing color. Interestingly, the flowers revealed their innermost composition during the process.

Finally, Seinabo Sey’s incredible voice and addictive song “Younger” felt perfect for the message of the video. The song is empowering and I hope you fancy this video along with it. Thank you.

Directed by JIHYE

Director of Photography: Matt Infante

Art Director: Trevor Gilley

Music: “Younger” by Seinabo Sey

Equipment Used:
Canon 60D
Sigma 17-50mm 2.8
Rokinon 85mm 1.4
Canon 24-105L F4
Kino Diva 200
Litepanels RM-FT Ringlite
Macro Extension Tubes

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