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My name is Patrick Toussaint. I’m a recording artist from Brooklyn. My first performance was in junior high in a talent show. My cousin was into music and he thought my voice was dope, so he took me into the studio to make my first song. I was just doing it for fun at first. I decided to make a little mixed tape and put it into one Cd to play for my friends. They were like, “Yo this is dope,” so I decided to take it seriously. I made another mix tape: Makes Sense Volume Two. It got it into the hands of my people in London.  Shout out to Trap Star who flew me over with my boy, Mickey Factz, because that is when I landed my first tour. I was a rookie, but I learned from it.



Why the name ” TRUTH” for your EP?


It’s my first EP, so my team and I were thinking what names would really fit me. We felt that Truth would really represent me and all the songs would correlate to the Truth; the things I go through living my everyday life that some people wouldn’t believe, but it’s the Truth and that’s what it’s all about.

 What is your relationship with Kanye and Pharrell and how have they been influential in your career?


Pharrell…. that’s family. I first met Pharrell at Kanye’s Louis Vuitton party. I later met him again at the studio when a good friend of mine, Terry Kennedy, his manager, named Neno hit me up. They were like, “Yo! We need kids your age to go meet up with Pharrell and perform with him on the runway.” So I hit up all my friends and I was like, who wants to perform with Pharrell and just go crazy. Like ten of my friends linked up with me and then we went to Electric lady studio in Soho, where we met Pharrell. He was like, “You look mad familiar.” Then he realized I was in his video and we’ve just been cool ever since. They showed me love and I did a few cities on the, Glow in the Dark tour. Pharrell was the one who actually introduced me to Kanye at his video shoot. He was like, “This is Pat. This is my soldier.” Then we just happened to take this picture on my phone and we’ve been cool ever since. I know Pharrell’s camp and I know Kanye’s camp. I look up to both of them and they both inspire me.



 I heard your music with Swizz Beatz. How is it working with Swizz and his team?


I met Swiss Beats a couple of years ago. He was on the cover of a magazine called, Connected, which was run by my old manager. He invited me to the studio when he was working on Cassidy’s album. He’s always been real cool. I would see Swiss Beats everywhere, at all the events I would go to: Met ball, red carpet, publishing, concerts, and he was like, “Alright, alright, I see you grindin. I see you grindin.” So he invited me to his studio. I work with his team as well: his producers and his engineers make some of my stuff…. Yeah, Swiss tries to give me advice. He says, “My time will come. I just have to be patient and everything will fall into place. It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.”



How has an artist, like your self, not signed to a major label been able to cultivate so many relationships with socialites and celebrities?


I go to a lot of events, shout out to my PR team and Keno Benjamin. I guess a lot of these relationships happen because I got a baby face and I look like a kid. When I show up at the dopest events ever people are intrigued. They are like who is this kid? Then I just network. It’s all about networking, and I guess it’s all about energy. If you got good vibes people are going to automatically mess with you. As far as a label, I mean… you don’t need a label to create relationships.


 Where do you get your fashion style?


I’ve always been into fashion, dressing up, and wearing different designers.

I won best dressed in Junior High school… Nah seriously, there is always trends and eras–like their used to be the baggy clothes era, the Jersey basketball and baseball team era. Then there was the Jordan’s and the Nike’s on the feet era. As well as, the high fashion Fifth Ave era and the street wear era. I don’t know I just try to stay on top of the game and stay with the trends.

My style… I call my music Luxury raps, so I would say my style is kind of luxury meets Fifth Ave meets street wear.


 What designers do you like to wear?


For shoes I like to wear Jordan’s, Nike’s, and Converse. If you want to go Fifth Ave with it, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Marcello, Yves St Laurent.

Let’s go to street wear… Trap Star, Entry, and I also like independent lines coming up like BBC Icecream, Bake or even Zara and H&M. Just a lot of stuff that is trendy- that’s what I like to wear.


 Is there a fashion line in your future?


I’ve done fashion collaborations with a brand before. I did a song called, “Sorry for being Real,” and that song was based on a collaboration I did. I linked up with my boy Rome. He owns this brand called: Romeing Panda who does Gummi Bear Rings and my boy F, who does clothes all about time and they did a t-shirt with me, which comes with a little pin with a paw sign on it.

In the future, possibly maybe a little merchandise here and there. Andy Hilfiger and I were in talks about doing something, but that’s up in the air now.

Do you model? 


Yeah, I do a little modeling. I got asked to do NOLA fashion week for the first time a year ago. That was my first runway experience with a lot of press. I’ve modeled for a few brands: Fresh Goods, and who ever else need’s me. I like taking promo shots for myself as well, and being in front of the camera.

Have you had a memorable tour?


Every tour I’ve been on is memorable. The tour life is crazy: London, the Madonna tour, and the Pharrell tour. London was especially crazy! They love Americans and they treated me like an alien, but they were also very supportive. I was really taken care of. Also, when I joined my boys, Lil Buck, Hobby and all of them on the Madonna tour from Los Angeles to Vegas that was really crazy. I’m not going to go into it… cause what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but it was pretty memorable. Definitely, the Pharrell tour was great as well. To be on stage with Pharrell while he was whiling out is really cool. Yeah, every tour I’ve been on was memorable.


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