Words – Victoria Estevez


Few songs make you feel like you are actually in the environment that they are singing about, but with this track, Sides, you are transported to a desert night with the sounds of the coyotes around you.  The lyrics repeat with one line, “Alone in the Desert” and that’s exactly how you feel, but unlike being alone in the desert, you actually want to stay in this sonic experience that Aminals has created. The track’s eclectic composition layers Jake Sheppard’s vocals over each other while also mixing in the haunting sounds of guitar drum machine and maybe a bit more.  Drawing comparisons to Thom Yorke, TuNe Yards and James Blake – Aminals breaks free of comparisons by adding depth to his mix of sounds and lyrics which blend well in this track.


Aminals is the solo project of musician and producer Jake Sheppard.  From Boulder, Colorado, Sheppard recorded the EP while working as a researcher in a cancer laboratory. You can hear his love of experimentation in the music.  Sides is the debut single for Aminals and is part of his forthcoming EP, Lightning, No?



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