PISCES frontwoman Sarah Negahdari (The Happy Hollows/Silversun Pickups) aims her bow and arrow in at close range with her newest single “Glen Echo” (off of her debut EP). Negahdari utilizes her voice as an instrument to chant “a change is coming” over a desert washed, Spaghetti Western, renegade backdrop like an Indian guided by ancient spirits roaming the plains in search for sustenance. It’s as though Sarah is a tornado, slowly stirring, kicking up dust, pleading for some catalyst to execute an inner desire for something so unknown, yet so familiar. Drawing up similarities of Blonde Redhead and Karen O, Negahdari uses her innate strength as a songwriter to evoke emotions one wasn’t even aware they had. She is the calm before, after and during the storm and perhaps she is the catalyst she so longingly searches for.


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