VNDL:  Describe your work/process :

TB:  I work mainly with analog photography, my photographs are straight,  with something stucked in it, to enlighten a personal response of what is in the front of me. I like to get the feeling of touching something while photographing. It sounds weird, but there is a pleasure of touching something, without actually touching it with photography, a kind-of physical and sensitive experience, a tension in the distance. Anyway I just love it.



What have you been up to recently? (trips, projects, work?)

Just started a personal project between NYC, and a valley in the Pyrenean mountains in France where part of my family came from. There was a long history of immigration between the two, and I want to find the remaining traces of it, and understand why a century after, I decided to follow a kind of same path. Also I do some photo assignments, and work as a photo researcher for a magazine (enRoute, the Air-Canada in-flight magazine).



Favorite Camera?  (weapon of choice)

The one I fell suddenly in love with, is the Mamyia 7II & 80mm lense combo since the first roll I tested. Love the mix of lightness and descriptive quality of this camera, that’s it, there is not bullshit with it, any stupid or unnecessary functions. As Kylie Minogue sang in her nice pant, “it was Love at first sight” !



Favorite Quote:

“It’s not because things are difficult that we don’t dare; It’s because we don’t dare that things are difficult.” Seneca



Advice to other creative’s/aspiring artists?

Not an easy one… but I think to be passionate of what they are doing. Of course knowing the technics to avoid to be slaved to it, and knowing the history and masters of their medium. Also, gathering advices and feedbacks from teachers, peers, established artists… but at the end, to do it for themselves and not to please others. And to create with what they have, equipment or personal concerns speaking, it helps to find a personal voice I think. Less is more kind-of thing.





What are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?

I’m currently and heavily listening Cloud Nothings, Solids (an alternative band from Montreal), and Harold Martinez, a rock duo from Nîmes where I come from in France. I also could listen Future Islands all the day long. I just finished to read Dan Fante’s Spitting Off Tall Buildings, and I recently watched Her by Spike Jonze.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living in a basement with long and greasy hair, eating cheap pizza and watching some TV shows and basketball games. Or living with a beautiful wife and our beautiful kids in a beautiful condominium, earning a living from my photography, and having some projects exhibit and publish all over the world. I guess it would be something in between!!!




Who is or where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch out for?

The inspiration comes from everywhere, from old magazines and children memories, from family histories and legacy. It comes also from life around and immediate environment, from the literature of John Steinbeck, Albert Camus, John Fante, Hemingway, and from painting, music, comic books, movies… And of course via photography, and photobook. Photographer masters such as the New Topographics, Eugène Atget, August Sander, Eggleston, Evans, Frank, Abbott, George Tice, Sugimoto, Luigi Ghirri, Paul Graham, Alec Soth… and so on… so many names… More recently I was amazed by the work of Mark Steinmetz, Vanessa Winship, Richard Rothman and Guido Guidi. Regarding emerging photographers, I’m thinking of Timothy Briner, Acacia Johnson, Daniel Shea… for the uniqueness and freshness of their work.



Name : Thomas Bouquin

Location : Born in France, live and work in Montréal, Québec





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