VNDL:  Describe your work/process
DL:  I spend most of my time emailing and trying to make jobs happen..I also reach out to people I’d like to shoot with. Then, when we do have a shoot, it’s a subtle process / pretty chill / not very demanding / fun & easy.  I shoot portraits on 35mm film. I bring the film to get developed and scanned at Accurate Photo in Brooklyn.

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What have you been up to recently? (trips, projects, work?)
This week, I am shooting a campaign for a clothing company called Rad. Which is pretty rad. I am inspired. As for a trip, I am trying to work with Foot Locker on a travel-photo-diary collaboration. I want to shoot with Foot Locker employees all over the country and document the driving around wearing sneakers and tank tops and hats and stuff.

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Favorite Camera?  (weapon of choice)
My go-to camera is a Miranda GT with a 50mm Miranda lens. I was using a Contax T3 for point & shoot stuff, but I sold it. And I regret it.

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A Favorite Quote
“Real beauty knocks you a little bit off-kilter.” David Byrne

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Advice to other creative’s/aspiring artists
Do a lot of things. Not too many..but I don’t think artists are enhanced for only one form of art. Creativity is vague.

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What are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?
Currently, right now, I am listening to Baron Zen’s At The Mall Remixes. It’s been in heavy rotation over here in my room for a while. I’ve been playing songs to death lately. Joppo & Eno by Antena is on a lot.  Cool It Now by New Edition is such a heavy hitter. For reading, I have just been going to Barnes And Noble like once a week to read magazines. And sure, I watch Game Of Thrones..so what. I watch Pretty Little Liars too. I’ll be 29 next month.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m trying not to use the word hopefully too much these days. So I will just say I AM getting a photo job at least once a week. I AM living in my own apartment, in a nice part of a city, with a pretty girl and less clutter.

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Who is or where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch out for?
I really don’t know exactly where my inspiration comes from. And whenever someone can pinpoint their inspiration, I usually call bullshit (in my head). It changes..or at least I think it should. I like Tumblr because I see a lot of images all of the time. Often I see an image on there and I look into the photographer pretty deeply. Today, I found a girl named Arielle Manesh and I related to her stuff. I also really love a photo agency called Format 34. They are an analog photo agency and the roster is so killer..



Danny Lane

Staten Island, New York




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