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Before we begin, I’d like it, if each one of you could introduce yourself.

My name is Billy. I play drums.

My name is Dylan. I play guitar and I sing.

My name is Matt and I play bass.

You guys have a very unique story for band mates. I read that you are all related. Can you speak a little bit about that and when you began playing together? 

Billy: Yeah basically, since Matt and I are brothers and Dylan is our cousin and we’re all relatively the same age and grew up together- it was easy to get together to play music. We got instruments in junior high and just started playing together and never quit. We continually practiced and built on what we were doing. When we got better we decided to start a band.

Do you guys want to add anything?

Dylan: It’s been like ten or eleven years that we’ve been playing together now, so yeah- Billy kind of nailed it on the head.

Is there ever any sibling rivalry? Or do you think being family members strengthens your bond as a band?

Dylan: We feel like we have a tight bond because we don’t argue. We’re all in the exact same boat. We’ve always been, every situation, not just the band, but life in general. We really understand each other well and we connect well with each other. I believe anybody can do that, if they’re playing with each other eleven years straight so it’s nice- we don’t really bump heads.

Matt: It’s nice knowing if we weren’t in the band we would be hanging out anyway.  We would be living together and doing things together anyway.

Where did the band’s name, “Tiny Moving Parts,” come from?

Dylan: We were at the time thinking of what to call the band. We were just tossing ideas around and we weren’t too thrilled with anything we were coming up with. And then this band, Circle takes the Square, had one of the best albums, As the roots Undo, and we loved it and there is a song on it- and one of the lyrics says, “Tiny Moving Parts- make up the whole. And we were like dude that sounds cool- lets just name it, “Tiny Moving Parts”. We never thought that it was like an awesome name, but we never thought that it was a bad name. And we’re still happy with it, which is good. So, it worked out.

Matt: It’s easy to search on the Internet….  And at the time we were called, The D Cups, so we needed a name change.  It was a little to high school…

Which one of you came up with the name D Cups? 

Matt: Dylan’s Dad did.

Dylan: Yeah, my dad came up with the name. He was trying to be really cool. He said,”You need to name your band, Jail Break or like band names like that.” And we were like,  “No, that’s stupid!” So, he was like, “Fine then… why don’t you name yourself the D-Cups?” We were like, “Okay.” And then we did.

I read somewhere that your music sounds like, “Screamed poetic vocals while riding a roller coaster.” Would you agree with that? 

Dylan: That’s pretty interesting. I don’t try to aim for that specifically- it just kind of happens.  We don’t like to narrow ourselves or to push a certain genre. We like to stay open to a lot of ideas, but I guess if people think that- that’s pretty cool!

Billy: It’s definitely a flattering comment.

Who came up with the title of your new LP: The Couch is long & full of Friendship?

Dylan: It’s kind of a cool story. One night, we were having a couple beers…

Bily: We were really drunk.

Dylan: Yeah, a more than a couple- we were really drunk and we were just talking all night and then a few friends came over and they were writing quotes up on the Internet that we were saying. Then the next morning we were looking back and we were like, “Oh, my gosh we said that?” And then, Matt was like, dude you said, “This couch is long and full of friendship!” “That should be like a song title or something.” And we were all like that is really cool, and it does relate- just hanging out with your friends at a house party or just hanging out- so we stuck with it.

Could you describe what the song, “Vacation Bible School” is all about? And can someone please tell me what the song lyric: You came with confidence and left with emptiness, means? 

Dylan: That whole album, The Couch is long and Full of Friendship, is about growing up- and dealing with any possible situation. And that line: I came with confidence and left with emptiness…it links back to all sorts of things in life where: You got to do what you got to do, because- It just is what it is – that kind of thing.  It is relatable to a lot of different things in life.

I thought this line was a reference to an ex-girlfriend? 

 Dylan: No.

That’s good. It’s one of those Universal messages?

Dylan: Yes, exactly. We like to stick with stuff like that. You can think of it a lot of different ways.

Matt: Let people paint their own picture.

Dylan: Exactly

Do you have a central theme?

Dylan: We just have a mindset: we’re traveling across the Country so, we want to play songs that people can sing with us and that we want to sing in front of people every night. We like to write passionate songs, people can relate to. This way we can get the same vibe off of people. When people say, “Your album has helped me out with breakups. “ Or anything of that sort, it means so much to us. Its kind of what we’re going for.

Can you guys tell me what your writing process is like? Do you guys sit down and one of you throws out a topic? 

Dylan: We all have the same idea… we want to write really passionate stuff.  The songwriting process is kind of like: I write a guitar melody and I go to Bill and say, ”Hey check it out!” And Bill will start writing the drums and Matt will start writing bass- and then once we finish a song- we put lyrics into it. Then we re-write the song four or five time before were actually really content with it. I’ve written plenty of songs- that we did it visa versa-but then we couldn’t figure out the melody to go with it. We write really technical stuff and sometimes it’s not that toe-tappy, so it could be difficult turning it into a happy balance of the lyrics and the music.

So Dylan, you write most of the lyrics?

Dylan: Correct. This album, Billy actually wrote some of the lyrics. We actually just finished a new album yesterday- and we collaborated with each other on it. It worked out really well. So will probably keep doing that for the rest of the time.

How did you feel about the process Billy? Was it new for you?

Billy: It was kind of new. I’ve always written things on my own. Never for the band or anything. It was nice. I would write something and then Dylan would write something and then we would pick the better parts and combine them and make one song.  In this album- every song, we would record the demos and Dylan would put all the vocals and lyrics in it and then we would go through and pick apart all the lyrics. We would be like that lyric is a little off, or that doesn’t really fit the song. I feel like it helped a lot.

Matt: I definitely feel like our new album is stronger.

That’s cool! Having two voices in the band working together.  So what about you Matt? Are you planning on getting in on this collaboration?

Matt: Uh, they are working well together….

Dylan: Matt does have great input. It’s kind of nice to have that extra set of ears. Matt will be like, “No, that’s stupid.” Or, “You guys should do that.”  We practice every day from 9-3pm, back in our hometown, and when we toss around ideas for lyrics- Matt always has really good ideas. We all collaborate- I would say equally on just about every song and the whole band itself.

Billy: It’s hard to be critical in a positive manner especially, when we have to tell each other, “We don’t like that part you wrote. We got to change it.” We try to be as nice to each other as we can.

Are you ever completely satisfied with your work?

Dylan: Yes, absolutely. There are a couple songs on the new album, which we haven’t played for anyone yet, which is besides the point, but I’d written three different stories and every time I got finished writing a story I was like, “This is it- I know it!” And the guys would be like, “No it’s to much vocals or let’s write about something else- more positive.” Yeah, we make sure we go over the song over and over. We make sure we get it as good as we can. We want to nail each song.

Billy: Yeah, for this album, we basically finished this album right before we went into the studio. There were parts we basically put together in the studio. I think this album is way stronger- we had so much time- we recorded demos way back in December. We deleted songs and put new songs together. We were way more critical and had a lot more time to change everything and make it exactly the way we wanted.

It shows…I heard your guys love to tour! Do you guys have an all time favorite tour memory?

Dylan: We got a lot of those!

BillY: At Fest this year I got my head shaved.

Matt: I think that was one of those things you had to be there for.

Billy: Actually, it sounds pretty dumb now that you bring it up.

Dylan: Yeah, we got way better stories than that… Umm, I feel like something came up recently, but…

You can’t talk about it? It’s inappropriate?

Dylan: There’s a lot of inappropriate stuff.

That’s okay. 

Dylan: We booked a full US tour on our own last year around this time. We planned three days off. One was, Super bowl Sunday, another was Fat Tuesday at Marti Gras and the other one was an extra day in Vegas! That was really fun but we had to miss Marti Gras because our van broke down, but we made up for it by going to Corpus Christi before South by Southwest.

Billy: We like to take little detours- to have fun!

Dylan: Yeah, that was really fun! We parked the van on the beach and we just partied with whole bunch of clichéd college kids on spring break.

Matt: We definitely didn’t fit in.

Dylan: Billy was climbing on stripper poles…

Billy: In my tight little speedo

Dylan: We were all wearing speedos on the beach.

Billy: It was pretty funny!

Dylan: It was a good time.

This question is for all of you. If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? And Why?

Billy: I’m going to go last.

Matt: Paramore- because they are positive vibes.

You guys are all about the positive vibes. It feels good. 

Dylan: Thanks…Paramore is a great answer. Tiegen and Sara- I pick- Tiegen and Sara, cause it is all about the positive vibes.

You chose to go last Billy- so, if they chose yours…

Billy: They did, they did…those were the ones I thought of first. Oh, I’m on the spot… Bruce Springsteen.


Dylan: There are also a lot of better bands that are out there than what we chose- but you got to choose something that is going to keep you happy the rest of your life.  Your not going to choose a sad or heavy band because then you’re going to be depressed the rest of your life- if that’s what you’re listening to.

That’s true… You guys are all excellent musicians. I am in love with your music, but if you guys were not a musician-what would you be doing?

Dylan: We would probably be living in Fargo, North Dakota with our friends, probably working some part time job. Billy would be cutting fruit at a grocery story. He is a produce man.

Billy: That’s why we are really grateful to be in a band. Yeah- we really don’t have anything else going on.

If it’s a choice between cutting fruit or playing music- I’m glad you chose music as your full time gig!!


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