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Words – Brenda Escobar


Melbourne solo project Banoffee is turning heads as she compiles the sounds of 90s / 00s r&b with a modern take on UK bass, creating her own refreshing genre. Beginning her career in folk-pop band Otouto with fellow musicians Kishore Ryan and sister Hazel Brown, Banoffee has dabbled in various sounds from the start.


Her first single, “Ninja” starts off delicately with smooth r&b beats, and then slowly evolves into a serene electronic pop song. To say she is just another pop artist would be an understatement; she has certainly surpassed the general pop standard.


“Reign Down”, Banoffee’s recent single caters to the early 00’s r&b sound, with honest lyrics and soft but strong vocals. “Reign Down” is Banoffee at her best.


She has been touring with the likes of Architecture in Helsinki and Bonobo, and making a much needed impact on fresh audiences. Her influence on contemporary electronic music is imminent, and future projects are strongly encouraged



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