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 The haunting sound of Falling Off Maps, and the intimate vox of its lead singer/guitarist Dave Wright, is paired with a personal portrait of the quintet in their newest live video for the single “I.D.S.T.”, which comes off of the band’s debut album A Seaside Town In Winter.

 The Nottingham, U.K., band formed first under the moniker Headway; they dove right into the industry, scoring their first-ever gig alongside ZZ Top and, soon after,  inked a deal with a major label. Headway’s swift come-up met a grinding halt, however, when the band got dropped from their new home. But, undaunted by the hurdle, the fivesome pushed forward down the independent route – five friends on their own recording and producing a very new sound.

 From the ashes of Headway came Falling Off Maps, and with the new name came a more cinematic and unadulterated sound aesthetic.

 “This is completely at the other end of the spectrum from our previous band,” says Wright. “Before, there was always a pressure to come up with the radio-friendly chorus, but as soon this started we felt liberated from all that.”

 The simple treatment for Falling Off Maps’ latest video helps accentuate Wright’s melodious and soft voice, which bears a definite resemblance to that of Chris Martin, with smooth notes and drony, howly vocalizations.

 Falling Off Maps is Dave Wright (vocals / guitar), Dane Prewett (bass / electronics), Joe Watts (guitar), Tom Harrison (piano) and  Jay Wright (drums). Check out VNDL’s exclusive premiere of the band’s new live video for “I.D.S.T.”; and, head over to the band’s Web page and SoundCloud to hear additional tracks from their debut album A Seaside Town In Winter.



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