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 It seems as though electronic music has been getting progressively less Morgan Avenue warehouse party and more soulful and trance inducing. This holds true for the latest from Moon Bounce, consisting of the creative Philadelphia native Corey Regensburg. “Shake” creates an exotic and hypnotizing 3 minute and 20 second minute track with soulful synths, smooth vocals and a little bit of that new age DJ soundboard action we’ve all grown to know and love.


What is so different about Moon Bounce’s latest is how it could be something you hear out at a loft party or just want to listen to while laying in the grass. Like much of his music, Regensburg combines influences from R&B, hip-hop, electro, and soul and puts his own artful spin on it. “Shake” stays true to what he knows and does best, and that’s combining his polished vocals with unique sounds to create something that is simply his own.


That being said, the music video for “Shake” is nothing less than unique and out of the box, though for an artist like Moon Bounce, what else should you expected. Be warned though, that the video isn’t for those that are either rattled by the sight of fake blood, terrified of puppets, or both. Needless to say, if American Psycho’s Paul Bateman was a lanky puppet-the video’s protagonist would be him (complete with a puppet on puppet murder for good measure.)


Check out the track and video below:





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