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Pop artist Thomas Azier is known for his broody, pan-European electronic music.This past Wednesday, Azier released a NSFW and gruesome music video for his debut album’s first single, “Verwandlung” (translation: Metamorphosis). You can take on his dark, modernist sound on the upcoming album, Hylas.

The video, directed by Sander Houtkruijer, is paying homage to the film Trouble Every Day, directed by Claire Denis, with time jumps and blood in bulk. “Verwanderlung” opens hauntingly, with shaky camera angles focusing on a blood drenched woman scored by an orchestral choir. Azier himself is featured as the woman’s caretaker as the song picks up and turns into a romanticized, slow-paced ballad, much more raw and toned down than his previous work.

Thomas Azier’s upcoming album Hylas will be available March 10th.


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