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Catchy, heartbreaking and completely and utterly marketable are three words I would use to describe the latest track from New York City’s own Brandon Sheer. Backed by a beautiful ballad instrumental and paired with Sheer’s vocals, this track sets the bar extraordinarily high for what can be expected when his first album drops later this year.


With such strong vocals and a catchy hook, this track has the means to break the repeat button on any device. It’s a track that any young adult living in (or struggling in) New York City can relate to but also has the means to be used as a theme song for one of Hollywood’s next big love story blockbusters.


It’s also refreshing to see that the video for “Outside” is as simple and elegant as the song itself. Too many times music videos lose sync with the emotions the artist places into a song and it just is not the case here. Tastefully constructed, the video is every bit as beautiful as the vocals. Sheer’s release of “Outside” was highly anticipated after such a positive reaction to his first track “Somebody Else” in 2013 which gained press attention on websites including rightfully so. His self-produced album “Singularity” is due out April 15th, 2014.



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