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Got a great track for you today.  You probably have heard this bands song “Come Home” from an Apple commercial a few years back.

Are we moving? Each moment inevitably becomes a relic of the past. The future appears as a destination within an infinite number of halfway points we may never reach. Will we ever experience time existing in it’s true form? We may discover at any moment, the future and past caving in on itself. All at once. Leaving in it’s wake an inexplicable reality where one is confronted with his future former self.

In CHAPPO’s world, the concept of time is twisted hopelessly out of focus. Like Rene, the main character in CHAPPO’s new concept album Future Former Self, the band seems to have recently traveled back from a distant black hole, bringing with them a kaleidoscope of new and mesmerizing sounds.

CHAPPO was born in the East Village of New York in 2009 and in a few short years has created an enthusiastic and rambunctious following. Splitting the difference between the guitar driven psychedelia of 60′s west coast rock and spiritual witch doctor moonshine of Dr John, they regularly turn their live show into nothing short of spectacle. After releasing a pair of EP’s Plastique Universe and Plastique Universe II: Pisces Princess in 2010 and 2011, they signed with Majordomo records to release their full length debut Moonwater in 2012. CHAPPO will be releasing their second LP, Future Former Self, on their own Rouse Records, due out March 4th.


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