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Photo: Henri Groux-Holt

Words: Erin Shea

Most would agree that a set at noon on a Friday isn’t the best time to play a rock show. However, New York-based Mainland rocked out Bowery Electric like they were the headliners at the Garden.

“That’s why we’re playing at noon because we’re going to wake you all up from your CMJ hangovers,” vocalist and guitarist Jordan Topf said. He was right, their music was fast and loud, which is a great combination to wake up a sleepy crowd.

Even though there were only about 20 people in the room, including the Bowery Electric employees and Topf’s mother, Mainland played like there were 20,000 people. They kept everyone entertained, especially the bartender who was dancing behind the bar.

The guys of Mainland remind me of a band that you would see playing at a college party, but better. They’re a loud rock band that has a pop-ish element that anyone can get into. But it’s really their stage presence that makes them good, you could tell they played with all their heart at a noon set that they knew people weren’t too keen on.

“You guys are fucking awesome,” Topf said. “I mean really. It’s really hard to get up for a rock show at noon.”

It was. But I would totally get up early to go see them again.

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