Words – Erin Shea

Photo – Zachary Gray

A venue can really make or break a show. Proof of this can be found in the differences between Nashville-based COIN’s performances during CMJ, of which I was lucky enough to catch two.

One was played at a smaller venue, basically the backroom of a bar, at Pianos on the Lower East Side and the other was played at the much larger, and much more crowded Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg.

At Piano’s the band energetically launched right into their set with “Honey.” Their sound — and vocalist Chase Lawrence’s energy — was too big for the small venue. Others, including the bands themselves, said that the sound there seemed to be off that night.

Brooklyn Bowl seemed to be a more suitable venue for the band since people could actually more around. The sound was better and there was an energetic vibe that wasn’t present at the other show. Also since their set time was later, it gave people more time to consume alcohol.

After a couple of songs, Lawrence introduced his band to the crowd, “We’re called COIN. We’re from Nashville. We’re named after a horse and the horse won the Kentucky Derby.”

As a thoroughbred racing enthusiast, I do have to say that no horse named COIN ever won the Kentucky Derby, but I’m sure that whoever this COIN was he/she was a good horse, but just not very fast.

About halfway into their short set, which got cut due to “technical difficulties,” the band covered Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia.” This was definitely a treat for the people in the crowd who actually knew the song (I’d say it was about half). The song was nicely executed and well received by singing and dancing by the crowd.

Then, they played their newest song “Time Machine,” which was released at the beginning of October, and then finished up with “Atlas” before they hustled off stage much to the crowd’s disappointment. But before they ran off, Lawrence said that the band would take on anyone who wanted to challenge them in bowling. Next time they come back to NYC, you better believe I am taking them up on that offer.

Check out “Honey”

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