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Kayleigh Goldsworthy is the kind of girl whose music makes you feel things. Her voice is what every girl imagines she sounds like in her own head, and with every break-up and broken love song, you want to cry out “me too! I felt that!” Then maybe scribble poems into a trapper keeper and hide them under your bed.

She is also cute as hell, spattered artfully with tattoos of flowers and woodland creatures, long legs, and model off-duty hair. High-waisted shorts, tank top, and silver jewelry, she’s like an Etsy wishlist come to life. A girl and her guitar swathed in blue light, breath full of feeling breaking into startling depth and range.  The sweet, off-the-cuff banter (“Now, I’ll play a sassy one. I need more beer.”) makes you wistful for Popsicles and playgrounds. Kayleigh Goldsworthy makes you reminiscent for your first love. When you could lay in a field and make out with a boy who had uncut hair and clove cigarettes in his back pocket.

If she looks or sounds kind of familiar, you may be from Upstate New York. Singer, fiddler, and guitarist for the popular band The Scarlet Ending, an indie rock sextet who played together for over a decade before splitting up to pursue their own musical and life dreams. Since relocating to Brooklyn, Kayleigh has been been writing furiously to perfect her love of the country and folk genre. She performs sporadically throughout arguably the coolest boroughs, accepting guest spots at The Revival Tour. Here she shared the stage with niche legends Chuck Ragan, Dan Adriano, Tom Gabel, and more. CMJ also welcomed her with tattooed arms to open for Against Me, Vinnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche, and The Menzingers.

Kayleigh’s first solo album “Burrower” is yet to be released but (take it from me), it’s a heartbreaker. She writes things you wish you said. Writes phrases you wish you wrote. There is something small-town but not cheesy, southern but not derivative, ethereal but not expected.

Until “Burrower” is released, check out her webseries “The Burrower Sesssions,” where you can watch her “sing in the forest to butterflies.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSaH0ZZAB0s)  Her first single off the record is called “Where the Summer Goes” and can be heard here. (http://www.purevolume.com/news/kayleigh-goldsworthy-where-the-summer-goes-stream-premiere)

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