Words: Eve Reinhardt

Photo:  Gavin Thomas

Get ready to fall in love.  When Saints Go Machine, the multi-award-winning electro-pop band from Copenhagen, puts on a really, really, really good show.  Never heard of them?  I hadn’t either until yesterday.

The band’s latest album, “Infinity Pool,” which follows previous albums “Konkylie”, “Ten Makes a Face” and their EP “Fail Forever,” made waves this weekend when the band made their U.S. debut to packed crowds at sold out shows in New York City.  Despite the hype, band members Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (vocals), Jonas Kenon (keyboards), Simon Muschinsky (keyboards), and Silas Moldenhawer (drums), are a very humble, non-assuming group of dudes–understated in the best way possible, in the we’re-performing-in-gym-shorts-and-sweatpants-and-we-don’t-give-a-shit sort of way.  But the execution from start to finish is passionate and exact. With songs that are equal parts man and machine, the music is reaming with drum blasts, intense bass lines, modulating synth lines and string arrangements that are rooted in electronic & industrial genres.  But the real surprise of the evening, perhaps, was how the aggressive, dark and chaotic elements of the music are also emotional, soulful and ambient, all at the same time.

Of their final show at Pianos in Manhattan’s lower east side, by the time Vonsild started in with his hauntingly calm delivery, the packed room of old fans and new were right there with him, hook, line and sinker, total bystanders to what seemed like a bunch of mad-genius musicians that were just happy you decided to show up.  It felt great. It felt epic and flawless.  To their credit and talent, it was a rare night of music.

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