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When I walked upstairs at the Bowery Ballroom to catch A Va Va’s set, I wasn’t sure whether I had somehow accidentally walked into a commercial for Calvin Klein or if I was in the right place to see a concert.

They went on a few minutes early – not so fashionably late – and were dressed sharply in white on white on white. The Brooklyn-based band, made up of Jay Jennings, Andrew Reid and Cooper Heffley, were recreating a look from their video of “Everything.” However, halfway through the set I did notice Heffley did have brown shoes on. Tisk tisk.

As they played – and people realized that music had started – A Va Va brought the crowd up and down with a variety of songs off their debut album “Get Your Life.” The indie band seamlessly transitioned from one to another, as they went from soul-inspired, rock-ballad with Jennings putting his keyboard aside to break out a trumpet to fast-paced, garage rock. And they kept the audience there with them the entire time.

The entire set was fun and was something that you could move to. Those who got there early before the Polyphonic Spree went on, were likely not disappointed by A Va Va. As the crowd noticeably grew throughout their set, I’m sure that many didn’t come to the Bowery Ballroom that night as A Va Va fans, but left intrigued.

Although their stage presence wasn’t much to talk about, it was obvious they were in the zone and just rocking it out.

Next time you see their name somewhere, definitely check them out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out “Everything”

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