Gramercy Theatre, June 1st, 2013       Words – Jasmine Stein

Johnny, Teddy, Pete and Casey make the ultimate American dream rock band.  Three of them are brothers, their cute, sweet, and they seem like boys you could take home to your parents. Also, they’re from Chicago, which is where all wholesome, good Midwestern men are bred of course.

Filligar played a show on Saturday night to a sold out Gramercy Theatre, delivering a show full of energy, and the raw rock sound that Filligar fans have come to expect from the rock quartet.

A Filligar show demands that above all, you have a good time. Every member of the band leaves their guts out on the stage and build on the momentum of the night with each song.  The sound of Filligar is harnessed with Johnny’s soaring voice on vocals, Teddy on bass, Pete on the percussion, and Casey reigning it all in on the keyboards. They work together in sync, like 4 parts to a machine that can command any room completely, creating an undisputable feeling of victory.

It’s a feeling that you get before your about to erupt, right before your about to grow up. Its head nodding, hands in the air, wave to your buddy across the room, “Fuck Yeah” rock. The kind of rock we all need in our lives from time to time, because quite frankly it just feels good.

Filligar encompasses all of the romantic illusions of falling in love, and getting older, but still manages to sober you with the harshness of reality at the moment when you least expect it. Filligar is classic rock at its core; heartfelt, honest, accessible and unapologetic.

Before the show I spoke to the guys about the reputation their live shows are beginning to garner, as being one of the best live acts to see today. Modestly, they thanked me for saying such nice words and said that the energy of the show depends on how they’re feeling that day. They told me they were feeling pretty revved up that day in New York, so it would probably be a pretty good show. After leaving that night covered in sweat, feeling completely satisfied, I couldn’t agree more.

Filligar’s highly anticipated upcoming album Hexagon is coming out later this summer.

More on Filligar HERE and be sure to check out the new single “New Local” Below.

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