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By Daria Gwaltney

If you’ve ever listened to The Fiery Furnaces you would know what and what not to expect from the former singer of the well-known Brother and Sister duo band.  In 2011 Friedberger released her first solo album entitled “Last Summer” giving us a taste of what it feels like to leave your brother hangin’ and come out with your own bad ass album. Now in 2013 she’s back with her second album,” Personal Record” released on Merge Records, a summer anthem for those lazy personal days that you’ve wanted to take now that the weather is warmer.

In Freidbeger’s case, the title “Personal Record” meaning very valuable with its many stories about love we can all relate to. In the song “I am the Past”, Friedberger refers to herself by saying,  “I am the ghost of ex girlfriend’s, but mostly I’m me, I’m the past to infinity”. With such honesty and fluidity she reflects on past relationships some how making breakups and past relationships seem so nonchalant and peaceful.

Originally hailing from Oak Park, Illinois Freidberger embodies a strong suburban Midwestern twang with a mesh of the New York City upbeat vibes. A lyrical journey and in fact a breathe of fresh air even in this smog filled environment we live in.

Check out her single Stare at the Sun below.

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