PageImage-507025-3213458-scVNDL:  Describe your work/process

LG:  I’m an only child and have always had an insatiable hunger for relationships. Not having siblings or close family I definitely sought out a lot friends and developed this loving eye for them. I shoot mostly portraits of people I really care about, in their good moments, in their shitty moments, I think they’re beautiful and wonderful and always want to capture
that humanity I guess. I kind of think of my work as a fucked up family album of my
youth. That, and I love shooting weirdos I meet on the road. PageImage-507025-3213576-liz_andguy PageImage-507025-3214883-Photo15_12 What have you been up to recently? (trips, projects, work?)

Had been living in Baltimore shooting a lot of portraits and photo-journalistic stuff of
the city, exhibiting as much as possible. Its one of the most unique places I’ve ever been
and I definitely produced a lot of work I can’t wait to show. Recently moved back to New
York to be Photo Editor of Inked Magazine.PageImage-507025-3432728-paltzfeet1_edit PageImage-507025-3459765-legsparty_editFavorite Quote

“Some’s bastards, some’s ain’t. That’s the score.” – Jack Kerouac PageImage-507025-3459881-tumblr_lso1gaARGH1qcav76o1_500 PageImage-507025-3460040-dogdays_0010Advice to other creative’s/aspiring artists

In Jay-Z’s “My First Song”, there’s a sample of Biggie being interviewed in the intro
where he says “…treat everything like its your first project… just stay hungry.” Do that.
And don’t be a shit head. PageImage-507025-3483737-BLOOMY9_edit PageImage-507025-3501318-usa_editWhat are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?

Listening to a lot of Motown and Lucero. Reading Eye Scream by Henry Rollins for the
10th time, and watching a Bruce Willis movie a day. PageImage-507025-3537109-johnsencb_edit PageImage-507025-3787586-IMG_2148_ED PageImage-507025-4344843-baltlife1Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Happy, working hard, taking road trips, petting puppies and still spending way too much
money on film. PageImage-507025-4389355-baltlife10_BW PageImage-507025-4389854-djangoo_editWho is or where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch
out for?

Friends, sentimentality & lingering teen angst. I’ve always been inspired by the work
of William Eggleston and Dorothea Lange, and in more recent years become a total Ed
Templeton fan girl. Watch out for Amelia Szpiech and Hunter Bradley, they work hard,
run a gallery in Baltimore and know what’s up. PageImage-507025-4677871-desantisLiz Green is a photographer in New York, NY



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