VNDL:Describe your work/process:

SX:  Nuyorican born artist SinXero’s (SX) artistic style utilizes raw imagery, creative text and a palette of colors upon layers of mixed media in retrospect to the early 80s, when NYC’s billboards and posters were being put up, torn down and a graffiti writer’s canvas. With his artistic weapons of choice (SX) pays an “Ode To The Streets,” by capturing an authentic period golden to the Hip Hop Era as he produces urban landscapes & textures reminiscent of the front of old school bodegas, handball courts and NYC streets, as well as, bombed MTA trains. With SX’s camera lens, passers by are often captured and brought into his digital realm and transformed into thought provoking street art characters, which at times become subjects upon the canvas that tell a story of intrigue. SinXero Produces Street Art from The SX Lab via: Digital Media, Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrylic Paint, Aerosol Spray Paint, Stencils, Silkscreens, Paper & Glue, Stickers and Markers, as well as Various Paints.


What have you been up to recently? (projects)

Currently I began collaborating with Legendary Photographer of “Born in the Bronx,” Joe Conzo. I will be creating new original works of Fine Street Art (mixed media on canvas) and will be incorporating Joe’s iconic images as new street art characters for my new series.

“Through Born in the Bronx, Joe Conzo (described by The New York Times as “the chronicler who took hip hop’s baby pictures”) presents a unique cross-section of an explosive and experimental time in music history. Hip Hop’s first photographer, Joe Conzo provides the majority of images of legends and urban  scenes from 1977-1982.” (http://www.joeconzo.com/v2/html/borninthebronx.html).

(ongoing project) I have been filming, shooting and editing a Graf & Street Art Documentary that I plan to submit to the Tribeca Film Festival, NY International Latino Film Festival & Bronx International Film Festival upon completion.

(ongoing project) In appreciation of all my dedicated Fine Street Art Aficionados, The “Stick-N-Move,” Free Street Art Campaign was created to give back to my committed SinXero audience. The Limited Signature Series are always temporary installments on magnet whose geographical locations are posted via my social medias for my avid followers to find (Remember (SX) Marks The Spot. Find One, It’s Yours!), which can be easily lifted up and does not damage in any way the surface beneath. In my appreciation to everything that is already out there, The “Stick-N-Move,” Free Street Art Campaign blends into its surrounding environment. Thus, creating Free Street Art for all to interact with and appreciate, while at the same time created in such a way to not permanently disrespect other artists whose work it temporarily covers till” a patron of my art finds it and it’s theirs.


Favorite Quote: “Ode To The Streets,” by SinXero.


What have you been up to recently?

Via “The SX Lab,” Fine Graf & Street Art Productions, (An Exclusive Collective, which represents Fine Graf and Street Art Culture, Gallery Exhibits, LIVE Street Art Events at Secured Venues & Apparel) I’ve been securing legal public art space within the tri-state area and sponsors in order to create a platform for Graf and Street Artists to flourish in as Fine Artists while maximizing their exposure at our venues with Film, Photography & Social Media.  The reality here is that tourists from all over the world come to NYC to experience its overall dynamic lifestyle, fashion and culture.  If they are lucky, some of these street art aficionados just might be able to pick up, get a glimpse or shoot a photo of original graf and street art produced by the renowned NYC MVP Graf & Streets Artists that are on the line-up at our live graf and street art events.

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Advice to other creative’s/aspiring artists:

Don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves, make your own opportunites on the road to becoming a successful artist.


What are you currently listening to? Black Moon Radio, Eric B & Rakim Radio, as well as, Seether Radio and Hooverphonic Radio. All on Pandora radio.

What are you currently reading?

1)  The Mammoth Book of Street Art Edited by Jake.

2)  Street Art From Around The World by Garry Hunter.

3)  Street Sketch Book by Tristan Manco.

4)  Graffiti Alphabets – Street Fonts From Around The World by Claudia Walde.

5)  Street Art, The Spray Files by Louis Bou.

6)  Street Artists, The Complete Guide by Eleanor Mathieson & Xavier A. Tapies.

7)  JUXTAPOZ, Art & Culture – Monthly Issues.

What are you currently watching? Been studying various Graf & Street Art Films & Documentaries as research for current Graf & Street Art Documentary project I’ve been working on.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as an established and succesful Fine Street Artist. As well as, giving back to the graf and street art community by owning and/or curating a national landmark space who’s mission is to retain the cultural integrity & history of Graffiti and Street Art in general.


Who is or where does your inspiration come from?

A true visionary, SinXero informs, enlightens & educates the public about a past, which was filled with mentors that were hustlers, number runners and loan sharks as he addresses personal and social issues that are taking place in the world and in our community today. The backstory of SinXero’s paintings spring to life through his signature touch fueled with emotion, depicting the subconscious scratching at the surface seeking to escape and moments in time that often fleet through our fingertips.


Any emerging artists to watch out for? For me, its not the emerging artists that I look out for, unless its someone I scout to feature in our All Star Wall lineup at our live events via “The SX Lab,” Fine Graf & Street Art Productions in collaboration with (TAG).

As an innovator, I pay an “Ode To The Streets,” via my paintings by giving CRED to those that came before me, “Originators/Legends” that have been paving the way in graffiti, street art & photography since the 70s. Ie; Kool Kito and LAVA 1&2 to name just a couple and many others.

I personally, credit George “SEN One” Morillo, the father of one of the most revered and adopted Graffiti names in the world. SEN One played a very active roll in my steping out into the public with my street art and letting me ride shot gun as he drove his hustle as a Fine Graf Artist straight to the top.

In developing my signature style I was inspired by artists such as Army of One/JC2, ZIMAD, ADAM DARE & FUMERO. Their unwavering passion & drive for their street art is unsurpassed to say the least. Watching their work flourish has been the greatest experience and awe inspiring. For this I am grateful.

Xx_OHo6MeOMHmqV8moxujgTcH925TfvckbxVp3ODoLsSinxero is an artist from NYC





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