VNDL: Describe your work/process.

LC:  It’s really hard to describe your own work but I would say it’s quite raw at times, natural and self-explanatory when you look at the stories. Trying to let the images speak for themselves; I find it interesting when somebody reads it as a completely different story to mine.

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What have you been up to recently? (trips,projects,work?)


I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team of creative individuals I work with so have been planning Spring/Summer shoots so currently looking to get it all shot on both film and digital.

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Favourite Quote?


If your dreams don’t scare you, then aim higher.

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Advice to other creatives/Aspiring Artists?


Be yourself and try not being something you’re not, it’s hard trying to find something you’re good at so just let the passion you have lead you.


Any emerging artists to watch out for?


There are so many great emerging artists I don’t know where to begin. I came across this young photographer Aëla Labbé you should all check out her work it’s beautiful and haunting.

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What are you currently listening to/reading/watching?


I’m listen to a selection of music at the moment but if I had to highlight anything would be the new beach house album ‘Bloom’ and a lot music by French composer and musician Yann Tiersen. I don’t watch much TV but I’ve been reading a lot of Haruki Murakami books his books are so beautifully written.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Hopefully still doing what I’m doing now and happy.

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Who is or where does your inspiration come from?


My inspirations come from everywhere and everyone. If I was to pin point some artists I would say Ryan McGinley, David Shrigley, Pina Bausch who I was introduced to by a friend, Hedi Slimane and many more.

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Lenara Choudhury is a photographer from London, UK





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