-2VNDL:  Describe your work/process?

A: Art, Design
A mixture of techniques and cultural elements.
-3-1What have you been up to recently? (trips, projects, work?)
Last trips were to Zacatecas Mexico and also Mexico City, both were
art related. Co curated an artshow in honor of a dear friend who
passed away in 2001. Mexico City met some awesome friends, clients.
Always looking fwd to get involved in shows and cultural events. Just
finished a CD for Gliese 229,. A guitar duo that mixes traditional
Mexican folk music with Metal. Just had a successful artshow with Matt
Land, Nacho Chincoya, 3 local punk bands The Lumps, Gloomsday and
Batwings and we also did an Alley Cat Race. I moved to a new art
studio as We were kicked out of the 11 year old studio location.
Teaming up with Park Gallery and Invisible God. Doing some more
artshows and working on a new video for the Bike Crew I am in,. The
Cretins about urban cycling in San Diego.
cardboards_4 carros-01 da_yum_yums_09Favorite Quote
“Life is a learning Process Where You Learn as You go”
el-perro error_de_sistema_01 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdvice to other creative’s/aspiring artists
Your time will come too, It just takes Practice, patience, honesty and
commitment. Read, watch movies, experience new things, travel! be open
and enjoy life without destroying yourself.
las_emergencias_03 maestroWhat are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?
Gliese 229, Death in June, Amon Tobin, The Lumps, Gloomsday, Batwings,
Actress, Grimes, Mala, Le Butcherettes, Retox, Camera Obscura, Simon
and Garfunkel, bands from Tijuana. I mostly read magazines (and I
browse quickly) or listen to audio books. When I get a chance I
Portlandia, Breaking Bad, Little Brittain, bike videos, documentaries
stuff on Netflix.
peluca-sanvalentin-01 rafa-droWhere do you see yourself in 5 years?
Owning a house, spending more time with my son. Being a commercially
successful artist. Travelling around the world. Practicing yoga, long
distance bike rides and being super healthy. rocketeer_orange seguridad_01 skullsWho is or where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists
to watch out for?
Urban decay, weathered patterns, cross culturalism, counter culture.
Retro technology, modern life, speed, recycling.

Emerging artists?

Mexico has the answer!


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