VNDL: Describe your work/process.

LM: I need to feel a sense of uniqueness to an experience in order to want to document it. Even if it that means driving an hour outside of the city or going to a new spot I’ve never been to, for me photography starts with creating, or naturally having, a moment that feels new. Then story. I’m always trying to find a story in a photograph, a person, a place, in the colors…

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What have you been up to recently (trips, projects, work)?

Most recently I’ve been making prints, showing my work, and putting together my first zine. I’m heading to Cali in a week to shoot an album cover and meet some friends, travel up the west coast a bit… Oh, I’m also a full-time student right now, getting my masters at School of Visual Arts.

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Favorite Quote

I saw the Bernadette Corporation exhibit at Artists Space recently and wrote down this quote by Antek Walczak …. He’s amazing

“Perhaps to declare a now is to inherit an automatic death sentence. Identify a now, question it, define it for yourself. An attitude towards time; lived time, useful/useless time. Ignore cyclical novelty and see death as a time to begin living in peace. Not as a projection of reality.”


Any advice to other creatives/aspiring artists?

Everything you want to be is a choice. Always produce.


What are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?

Right now I’m listening to Doldrums and reading Reality Hunger by David Shields


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully making more short form videos, with a nice coffee table book….


Who is or where does your inspiration come from?

People are always my inspiration. Whether its someone I’ve met recently or someone I’ve known for a long time it’s usually a person that makes me want to pick up a camera and snap something.


Liza Mandelup is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY.




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