VNDL: Describe your work/process.

IC: Plan, prepare, shoot, scan or edit.


What have you been up to recently (trips, projects, work)?

Nothing much, guess I would call it getting myself together.

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You grew up in Moscow. How old were you when you moved to New York? Do you think your work reflects that part of your life? 

Not sure as I don’t remember much. Well, I don’t remember much even if its something going 7 years ago if that’s a case. Started travelling when I was 20-something, moved to nyc when I was 20-something and I still am 20-something, so, I guess, pretty much everything I remember doing goes under 20-something.


You are both a Photographer and a model. Which came first? How does one effect the other (in terms of shaping your creativity and work)?

Takin pics. Modeling went from the fact other photographers started to know me. Was easier to understand both sides of camera back in the days; doesn’t do much now, only the big interest and appreciation to be able to work with amazing photographers and see how they direct shoots.


What are you currently listening to/reading/watching?

Listening to tricky, raconteurs. Reading Roald Dahl. Watching… Hm catching up on everything I was putting on my list through the past year

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

Somewhere where im proper happy, I guess.


Have any advice for other creative’s/aspiring artists?

Keep doing if art is something that satisfies your needs.


Where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch out for?

I don’t need a source, things happen naturally. And can’t answer the second question unfortunately, wasnt following much recently.

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Ira Chernova is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY.




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