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VNDL: Describe your work/process.

ER: My work process changes all the time depending on what the project is, what I’m learning and trying to improve upon.  And I’m trying to improve ALL the time!  I’m a portrait photographer.  Which I finally came to terms with, like, yesterday.  I love photographing people; and while I think there is this pressure to narrow that down even further, as long as there is a great story to tell I want in on it.  I am addicted to heightened/extreme situations and people, so whether I’m shooting a studio portrait, a rock concert, a political rally, a homeless man on the street or a wedding engagement, I want to go into that assignment and come out the other side with an extraordinary glimpse into who I’m photographing and why it really matters.   There’s nothing better than actually achieving that, and, alternatively, there’s nothing worse than missing the mark.  So whatever process I’ve developed, it’s totally rooted in that idea: getting the right shot, having a great time doing it, not letting myself or my client down.  For me that means doing a lot of homework, knowing what I want, knowing what I don’t want, being overly prepared, trying to be a better photographer than I was yesterday and then diving in head first.

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What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been photographing a lot of artists–actors and musicians, primarily.  That’s normal for me. I’ve also been working on a few side projects.  One is an article and photo essay on chronic pain patients and the doctors who treat them.  That’s a story really close to my own heart, so it’s been a great project and learning experience.

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Favorite Quote?

“Freedom isn’t free.”  – anonymous

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Any Advice to other creatives/aspiring artists?

Oh man, the first thing that came to mind when I thought about this was how scared I was when I started making a living as a photographer.  I had a total, unadulterated fear of failing my clients’ expectations–and mine!  I felt insanely responsible to make every dollar a client was spending count. I never slept the night before a job and I’d literally have to pay whoever was around an extra ten dollars to force food down my throat during a gig.    All of that sounds awful, but it’s actually a really valuable thing to feel from time to time–terror in large or small doses.  It forces you to figure out exactly what the game plan needs to be:  what do you want to achieve on a job? What do you need to do to make that happen?  Etc. It made me a better photographer and I could always say that I did the best job I was capable of doing at that time.  In retrospect, I think it’s the most important gift you can give to yourself and to your clients: be really prepared; care enough to go the extra mile technically and creatively.  Once that happens you can relax, devote all of your time to your client, to being in the moment and having a great time.

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What are you currently listening to/reading/ watching?

Music:  I listen to a ton of stuff.   A lot of classic rock and music I grew up listening to in the 90s.  My favorite band is Led Zeppelin, which was my gateway drug for every other rock band or artist–ever. If you haven’t heard of Elbow, go out and buy their stuff.  They’re one of the more recent bands I’ve really started listening to and I think they’ve got some really great albums.

Reading:  I was reading Life of Pi until I left it at my in-laws.  I love reading the newspaper and I’m obsessed with magazines. I spend at least $100 a year or more on subscriptions and I almost never throw them away.  I DO live with the fear that when I die, they’ll find me in the wrong pair of underwear under a huge pile of Magazines.

Watching:  Homeland, Madmen, Game of Thrones, Dexter, True Blood…  I’m re-watching The West Wing with my husband and I’ll watch anything funny.  PS: for anyone out there who thinks they’ve achieved something by NOT watching Battlestar Galactica…you’ve achieved nothing.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d really like to own a photo studio in Manhattan that doesn’t have 8 foot ceilings.  I’d also like to own and live in a farmhouse upstate with no one else around but the bugs and the owls.  And my husband.  And Starbucks.  And a massage therapist.  I’d love to split my time between shooting portraits and documenting music tours for Rolling Stone Magazine.  I’d love to photograph every musician I grew up listening to. That’s an old dream that will never die.  I’d like to think I’ll be ten times the photographer I am now.

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Who is or where does your inspiration come from?

Any emerging artists to watch out for?  My inspiration comes from music, feeling the need to tell critical stories, to document, to give voice and force to people, issues, places, events, moments.

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Eve Reinhardt is a photographer based out of New York City




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