“Faith in the Dark” by D-Stoke

Faith BE2 PX680 CB 1 SMALL Faith BE2 PX680 CB 2 SMALLFaith-Dallas-VNDL-Full-Res 7 LR Faith-Dallas-VNDL-Full-Res 5 LR Faith-Dallas-VNDL-Full-Res 4 LR Faith-Dallas-VNDL-Full-Res 2 LR

Photography by Dallas Stoeckel

Model – Faith Picozzi

Interview with D-Stoke:

VNDL: Describe your work/process.

DS:My process tends to rely on however many cameras I can carry and however many mediums I’m able to work with. It may sound very haphazard and spastic – and it is – but most of my inspiration comes in the moment, so it helps to be prepared for anything. I’ve always been an artist in one way or another and have always had a tendency to skip the traditional in favor of the tweaked and modified. My work and process very much reflects this mentality, if not in the images themselves, then definitely in the style and execution.

The attached set is a prime example. My friend Faith was on her way back to LA from visiting family for the holidays. That morning a few short texts it was decided we were shooting as soon as she got back, didn’t matter what or where, just go with it. By the time she got to my studio to go pick through various wardrobe pieces and briefly discuss some sort of concept, it was 5pm and getting dark fast. We got to the park up the street from my place (which closes at sunset and was almost cleared out), jumped out of the car, into a tree, and back on the road in around ten minutes. For me, that’s the best a shoot could ever go, planned or not.

What have you been up to recently (trips, projects, work)?

I’ve actually been working on designing and launching a new lifestyle brand that should finally see the light of day in the next month. I was a graphic designer and illustrator long before I held a camera in any professional capacity, and the imagery and characters would always shift and form and eventually manifest themselves onto a scrap where they’d stay. It’s been the same sort of road as with photography; neither were things I thought I’d be doing a year ago.

Have any advice for other creatives/aspiring artists?

Don’t stop. I won’t even begin to touch on the critiques, misadventures, and downright failures you’re sure to face throughout your life, because frankly that’s enemy number one and you should always know your enemy; In every aspect of your life, know what you’re up against. No, I’m saying don’t stop when things are good, when you’re happy with your work and the steadiness (or simile thereof) of paid gigs, don’t stop and become stagnant. I don’t think anyone should, even those who are well into their careers and have established themselves in their respective fields. But it’s incredibly important early on because the rest of us will pass you by and everything you worked towards will be left behind.

Favorite Quote?

“Non canimus surds,” by the Latin poet Virgil. It roughly translates to “We do not sing to deaf ears,” which in and of itself is my favorite for it’s positive and encouraging nature. It continues with “respondent omnia silvæ,” meaning the woods echo back every sound. When you really begin to find a passion for something, you will at some point find yourself alone while you develop and hone your craft. And if that passion falls under the umbrella of “art”, it will feel like no one even notices. But someone somewhere has noticed, as the woods echo back even the smallest sound. And if they don’t… well, art is masterbation after all.

What are you currently listening to/reading/watching?

Literature and music are my all time favorite past times and it kills me that I don’t have more time to devote to them at the moment. But I still enjoy them of course as a soundtrack to my current endeavors. At the moment these distractions include reading “Palo Alto” by James Franco and listening to whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. Lately it’s been a mix of Com Truise, Lone, Lightning Bolt, and the new A$AP Rocky. I’ve also just discovered the HBO show “Girls” and diggin’ it, so I’ve been catching up on season one whenever I get a free moment.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I honestly have no clue and can’t even begin to speculate. Considering the erratic nature the last two years have been and the drastic turns my life has taken to get here, I’m more looking forward to the ride than the destination at this point.

Where does your inspiration come from? Any emerging artists to watch out for?

It’s cliche, but I literally find inspiration from everything, everyone, and all around me. When asked this same question as drummer I never knew then either. No matter what I’m doing, be it photography, designing, drumming, or love, my ADHD mind coupled with an overactive imagination and lust for the remix, I take bits from every aspect of my life and mash them together until it’s something I’m okay with having created.

I’m also drawn to artists with similar processes and philosophies. One such madman is Josh Wigger, a muralist and musician from my hometown of Fresno, CA. He creates these surreal pieces that often contain these mind-bending perspectives, but on such a scale that we have no choice but to accept their reality. He then creates these video time-lapses set to his own glitched out tracks he produces on his iPhone while he’s traveling city to city. It’s inspiring.

Me - Non Canimus Surdis Image S2 1 LR

D-Stoke is a photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.




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