Photography by Tim aka LostInAGoodWay.

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About the artist, in his own words:

My name is Tim and I started photography only two years ago. I grew up in a lazy, boring small town near Frankfurt, Germany. There was absolutely nothing to do other than to be creative to get out. So, I started playing the guitar in a pop/rock-band; it never quite fulfilled me, but it led me on the incredible journey to photography.

In 2010, the band arranged a photo shoot with a lovely and talented American photographer, my dear friend Allister Ann from Nashville. From that day on, I was hooked! I joined her Euro-Trip, bought my first camera in Berlin, and soaked up everything I could possibly learn from her on the road.

There was never a question about analog vs. digital. I just fell in love with film – the grain, the leaks, the perfection of its imperfections. I soon got my hands on an old Canon AE1 and tried out Polaroids, Lomography – pretty much everything you could imagine. My artist name “lostinagoodway” is truly my story: photography set me free and I got lost in it – but in a good way.

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