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VNDL: Describe your work/process for us.

DT: Hmmmm, it’s always strange to describe my own work. I guess you could say it’s split into my fashion/editorial work, and my more documentary/snapshots of life. I try to merge the styles together when i can and always try to shoot film. Oh, and i collect photos from various blogs all the time, they’re great to go to for inspiration. Lately, been interested in shooting urban landscapes at night, so we’ll see if i can do a project around that. I also just came back from Tokyo to visit family that i haven’t seen in 20 odd years so may try to go back next year to take some more images.


 Any Advice for your fellow artists?

To other fellow creatives: i’m sure you all already know this, but for me personally, it’s extremely important to surround myself with other positive/ambitious people. I’ve been inspired by fellow photogs/painters/filmmakers/etc., and i feel like being in that creative and energetic environment keeps me going, even when i get discouraged. Go out to art shows, meet people, network, network, network.

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 What Are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to a hodge podge of different things…today i listened to Sigur Ros, Tamaryn, Tame Impala, Azealia Banks, Thievery Corporation, Air, Massive Attack, DJ Marky, Fever Ray, Stereolab, Gutevolk, Pizzicato Five, A Place to Bury Strangers and I still listen to quite a bit of deep house and atmospheric drum and bass….music inspires my photography quite a bit. I don’t typically dream in my sleep very much, but find myself daydreaming up photo ideas when i listen to music.


 What do you hope the future hold for you – ideally that is? 

Hmmmm, ideally I’d like to see myself working full-time as a photographer and travelling consistently, with a solid client base. Maybe a bit healthier(?) I’d like to get a pug. Pugs are great. Most importantly, I see myself being happy.

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Who/what are your inspirations? 

Fellow photogs that i really respect/find inspiration from: Helmut Newton, Miles Aldridge, Ruven Afanador, Stephen Shore, Mary Ellen Mark, Diane Arbus, Terry Richardson, RJ Shaughnessy, and i can’t forget Jason Randazzo friend/mentor who taught me a lot about seeing more abstractly and about creating an atmosphere with your images.

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Dave Tada is a photographer based out of Los Angeles.



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